Sfarsitul de saptamana cu scantei…

-Vizita Papei in Spania coincide cu proteste extraordinare…

-Fortele siriene au ucis vineri 20 de protestatari iar sambata 34 si desigur nenumarati raniti…amenintarea „ne vedem la Haga”de pe steagurile celor de pe strazi ramane doar scrisa acolo

-Atacul autobuzelor

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJOWIWv17uY (se deschide doar pe youtube)

…Sincer, cu asa  weekend pe la vecinii nostri …nici nu-ti vine sa mai crezi ca traim in normal…atata durere,atatia morti ,oare la ce toate astea cand viata trece ca o clipa?…ca nu-mi vine in minte decat frantura dintr-o  rugaciune…

„Doamne Iisuse Hristoase, ajuta-mi ca astazi toata ziua sa am grija sa ma leapad de mine însami, ca cine stie din ce nimicuri mare vrajba am sa fac, si astfel, tinând la mine, Te pierd pe Tine.”(parte din rugaciunea Parintelui Arsenie Boca)


Protesters demand expulsion of Syrian ambassador

By Muath Freij

AMMAN – Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Syrian embassy in Amman on Wednesday night demanding the expulsion of the ambassador.

Jordanians were joined by tens of Syrian residing in the Kingdom to condemn the “the regime’s crimes against peaceful protesters and the killing of civilians” and to say what is happening in the neighbouring country has caused suffering to a majority of Jordanians.

“Jordanians and Syrians are brothers and what hurts them hurts us here,” Nasir Zu’bi told The Jordan Times during the protest, organised by the recently formed Jordanian commission to support Syrians against the “bloody massacres carried out by the Syrian regime”.

“I always pray for them and I hope that God will help them achieve their goals,” the Ramtha resident said.

Many protesters echoed Zu’bi sentiment, expressing hope that the violence in Syria will end soon, but with the removal of President Bashar Assad’s regime.

After performing taraweeh prayers in front of the embassy, participants chanted slogans demanding the expulsion of the Syrian ambassador as he represents the “cruel regime”.

Khaled Zaloum said that taking part in the protest is the least he can do to support pro-reform and democracy seekers in Syria.

“When Syrians hear that protests are being organised in solidarity with them, they will be more determined with their pursuit of freedom and dignity,” he stressed, adding there is no difference between Jordanians and Syrians as their traditions and heritage are the same.

Abdul Rahman Mohammad agreed, noting that he felt committed to taking part in this demonstration to denounce the bloody scenes he watched on television.

“I could not stand watching the bloodshed,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Syrians expressed their gratitude to Jordanians for their support.

Mohammad Salhi, who held a Syrian flag, explained that these protests reflect Jordanians’ “warm” feelings towards their Syrian brothers.

He said he has not been able to go back home and check on his relatives since the violence broke out.

His friend Mohammad Rifai, a Daraa resident, said he was forced to leave the city after the violent crackdown on protesters by security forces.

“Sooner or later we will gain our freedom,” he insisted.



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