Winter thoughts

„God, have mercy on the poor and protect them from the winter; warm their thin-clad bodies with Thy merciful hands; look upon the orphans who are sleeping in wretched houses, suffering from hunger and cold. Hear, oh Lord, the call of widows who are helpless and shivering with fear for their young. Open, oh Lord, the hearts of all humans, that they may see the misery of the weak. Have mercy upon the sufferers who knock on doors, and lead the wayfarers into warm places. Watch, oh Lord, over the little birds and protect the trees and fields from the anger of the storm; for Thou art merciful and full of love.”
Khalil Gibran-the widow and her son


It’s so cold outside ,rain,floods…

and this pain inside ain’t getting better…



**Florile primaverii sunt visele iernii,povestite dimineata ,la micul dejun al ingerilor.(Khalil Gibran)

**Credinta este o oaza in inima,la care nu poate ajunge nicidata caravana gandirii.

**Dragostea,este singura floare care creste fara ajutorul anotimpurilor.

**Prietenul,este raspunsul dat nevoilor noastre.

**In mintea mea este iarna,dar in sufletul meu se afla o primavara permanenta.(Victor Hugo)

Cu acestea in gand, pornesc intr-o noua zi din viata…fie ca aceasta (si toate celelalte)sa fie o zi buna pentru mine si pentru tine LUME!


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