Marea Moarta a fost inscrisa in aceasta cursa…astazi se vor sti rezultatele …pentru cine mai vrea sa voteze sunt 27 de finaliste

Nature’s wonder

There are several reasons why the Dead Sea should be voted among the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

This body of water was named many things throughout history: from the Sea of Salt and the Sea of Sodom and Gomorrah to the Sea of Lot, the Sea of Araba and even the Devil’s Sea during the Crusaders’ time.

More impressive than the many names given to it is the fact that it is located at the lowest point on Earth, about 400 metres below sea level, and that it has a rich history that dates back to periods that preceded biblical times.

The Dead Sea is shared by Jordan, Israel and Palestine, one common point that could, with political will, be strengthened by a durable and just solution to the century-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The physical characteristics of this sea are also unmatched. Its salinity – the reason for lack of life in the sea, which gave it its name – stands at about 26-35 per cent, giving it miraculous curative powers.

Winning the contest among the 27 finalists could give a big boost to the place. Besides making it better known to tourists from all over the world, it could also rally regional and international support for efforts to save it from extinction due to the annual loss of about seven million tonnes of water by evaporation and the diminishing amount of water from the tributaries, particularly the Jordan River.

There are major projects being considered to save the Dead Sea and, in the process, generate electricity that could be used to desalinate the Red Sea water, thus helping end the scarcity of this precious element.

The results of the voting will be made public today. Whatever they are, there is no doubt that the Dead Sea is indeed a wonder of nature.


The Jordan Times


Eu am votat Marea Moarta dar sunt acolo locuri minunate care pot fi vazute…si fiecare voteaza ce ii place…voturile conteaza…


Am si uitat de povestea cu 11.11.11

Mi-am aruncat o privire pe stirile de ieri  si abia atunci vazut ca unii chiar au luat-o in serios cu aceste numere:


„CAIRO (AFP) – Egiptul va închide Marea Piramida din Giza, vineri, pentru a evita orice ritualuri de către un grup care se zvoneşte ca ar avea planuri de  a marca data de 11/11/11 la site-ul, a declarat un oficial.”

„Numerologii aşteaptă ziua de vineri cu nerabdare, atunci când alinierea acelor digitale are loc la 11:11, despre care unii cred că va duce la evenimente neobişnuite.”

Chiar mai este o jumatate de ora pana la ora”impricinata”,dar eu intrasem pentru altceva aici …sper ca n-a luat nimeni in serios  zvonurile cu cifra „nefasta”.Eu ma uitam la o stire importanta  despre exploziile din peninsula Sinai care au oprit pentru a saptea oara in acest an livrarile de gaze catre Iordania si Israel

Cat despre alinierea cifrelor … eu ma duc sa termin cafeaua de baut …numai Dumnezeu stie ce si cum…

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